The importance of preparing an estate plan

This article was originally posted on Most people know who they want to receive their property and possessions when they pass away, so why don’t people make their wishes known … [Read more...]

Beware of joint accounts and joint property with your children

Viera and her late husband Ben died believing they left everything equally to their children because it was written in their last wills. They were wrong. Viera lived fourteen years after Ben died. … [Read more...]

Why Mary wants a Utah Asset protection Trust

Mary worries about the “what ifs.” Mary (age 74) is a widow in good health. Her home in paid for and she never wants to leave her neighborhood. She has sufficient savings and … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Avoid Probate In Utah

Probate is the court process for wrapping up a person's financial affairs and transferring his or her property to heirs, either under a Will or without a Will.   Probate can be avoided in … [Read more...]

Basics of Utah Estate Planning

Many people ask us about the basics of a good estate plan. This is what we discuss: Planning for the preservation and transfer of a person’s property after their death is called … [Read more...]

The 98% mistake: what is missing from almost all Utah estate plans.

A fundamental goal of estate planning should be to protect your assets so they can be passed to your heirs, usually the next generation of your family. In estate planning, asset protection takes two … [Read more...]

Utah Advance Health Care Directives

FAQS about Utah Advance Health Care Directives, medical powers of attorney and living wills     What is a medical power of attorney? A medical power of attorney is a special power of … [Read more...]


These basic FAQS (frequently asked questions) might help you understand Utah wills:   What is estate planning? Planning for the preservation and transfer of a person’s property after … [Read more...]

Do you have legal authority to manage another person’s affairs?

Sam’s stroke left him unable to make responsible decisions or manage his own affairs. Sandy, his wife, was shocked to find she had no authority to sign Sam’s name, manage his business, … [Read more...]

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