Social Security Disability

FAQS – 10 Questions about Social Security Disability Claims in Utah.  

Appealing a denial of Social Security Disability benefits.
Question 1: What is the appeal process  for Social Security Disability claims?
Question 2; What should I do if I my disability benefits have been denied?  
Question 3: What is the time limit to decide to either request a reconsideration or to appeal?
Question 4:  If I missed the 60 day period to appeal, what should I do?
Deciding between a reconsideration and an appeal.
Question 7: Is it best to request a reconsideration or shoul I appeal?
Question 8: How long will it take to get benefits if I win either a reconsideration or an appeal?
Question 9: How long does a Social Security Appeal take in Utah?
Winning a reconsideration or appeal of Social Security Disability benefits.
Question 10:  I can't afford a lawyer. Do I need a lawyer to win a reconsideration or appeal?

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